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What Does This Course Contain?

This 1.5-hour online course for substance abuse counselors contains two modules that address clinical guidelines and techniques for working with clients who have co-occurring disorders.

Module 1: Guidelines for Successful Therapeutic Relationships

The first module reviews seven guidelines for a successful therapeutic relationship with clients who have co-occurring disorders. It provides guidelines to engage clients in treatment, maintain a recovery perspective, manage countertransference, monitor psychiatric symptoms, use supportive and empathic counseling, employ culturally appropriate methods, and increase structure and support.

Module 2: Techniques for Working with Clients with Co-Occurring Disorders

The second module examines six techniques for working with clients who have co-occurring disorders. It reviews techniques for providing stage-specific motivational enhancement, designing contingency management techniques for specific target behaviors, using cognitive-behavioral approaches, using relapse prevention approaches, using repetition and skills-building to address deficits in functioning, and facilitating client participation in self-help groups.

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