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Understanding Research Concepts: A Guide for Counselors

Designed for non-research counselors, this course provides basic information about scientific research, the research process, and research concepts to the informed lay reader. The goal of this course is to increase the ability of non-research professionals to become more familiar with research concepts and to better understand research articles. The course reviews such issues as research terms and concepts, experimental designs, quasi-experimental designs, nonexperimental designs, surveys and case studies, correlation, threats to internal and external validity, qualitative research, ethics and research, reading research, and statistical concepts.

Michael Taleff, Ph.D., C.S.A.C., M.A.C., Alcohol and Drug Education Program Coordinator, University of Hawai'i at Manoa; Mim Landry, Senior Science Writer, Danya International.

This course is sponsored by the Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center and was developed with funding from CSAT.

This activity has been approved by NAADAC, the Association of Addiction Professionals for up to 2 credit hours under the Danya Institute’s Provider Number 309.

Audience: Counselors

Time: 2 hours

Cost: $20

By the end of this course, you will experience:
  • Increased understanding of research terms and concepts, and increased knowledge about experimental, quasi-experimental, and nonexperimental research designs

  • Increased understanding about research design characteristics that can diminish the ability of a study to determine whether an observed outcome can be attributed to the intervention being evaluated and whether results from a research study can be generalized to other settings or populations

  • Increased understanding of the major principles of research ethics

  • Increased understanding about the typical components of research articles, and knowledge about what to look for in these components

  • Increased familiarity with basic statistics concepts
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