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How do I pay for a course?

All of the courses must be paid for by credit card. We accept American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. For most courses, you will be prompted to pay when you attempt to read the course modules. Once you have paid for a course, you can take the course, take the posttest evaluation, and receive your certificate of completion.

For the buprenorphine course for physicians, you pay after you read the modules and take the posttest exams. For this course, you can pay and take the posttests after each module or all at once. Following each module, you can take the module posttest and pay for that module. Alternatively, you can read all of the modules, take the posttests for all of the modules, and then pay for all of the modules. You will be prompted to pay for the modules you have taken as you attempt to receive your CME certificate and certificate of completion.

Tip: After you enter your credit card information, be patient. If you click the "Submit" button more than once, you will charge your credit card each time.